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Still Have Questions?

What should I do with my results?


It is always recommended you meet with a healthcare provider to determine what your laboratory test results mean to you. Your healthcare provider will review all of your test results and, combined with your health history, will be able to provide an accurate picture of your health status.

What is fasting?


Fasting for a lab test means that you should not eat or drink anything except water before having a lab test – usually for nine hours or more – to ensure the most reliable results. However, DO NOT stop taking your prescription medications. If your healthcare provider advised you to take your medication with food, consult with your healthcare provider before fasting.

What is a venipuncture fee?


A venipuncture fee, also known as a draw fee, is a single $5 charge per order form to cover the cost of supplies needed to perform your blood draw. There will only be a single $5 charge per order form regardless of the number of blood tests ordered on that particular requisition. There is no venipuncture fee for urine testing.

Can I make an appointment to have lab work done?


Most DLO Patient Service Centers accept appointments, but walk-ins are also welcome. In most cases, your lab work should be able to be completed in 15 minutes or less after checking in and making your DLO Direct payment. To make an appointment, select the location you want to visit on our locations map, click the "Make Appointment" link and follow the steps.

Can I make a partial payment?


We only allow payment in full at the time of service. The good news is we can keep our prices low because we don’t do any billing or follow-up mailing, and we pass those savings on to you. Payment can be made via credit card, check or money order. Unfortunately, we do not accept cash.

When can I expect to get my results?


Your lab results will be delivered through the MyQuest™ online web portal as soon as they are available. Many tests will be reported within 24-48 hours, but tests in high demand or complex tests that require reflex testing, such as certain STD and infectious disease tests, may take up to 7 days for results. ​Since lab test results are your private health information, you must use the exact same name and demographic information you included on your DLO Direct order form in order to view your secure results.​ Your lab results will be linked to your account based on the information you provide on the order form, so your MyQuest account creation information must match exactly to properly view your lab test results. (Example: If you wrote “Michael Smith” on the DLO order form and use “Mike Smith” when creating your MyQuest account, the data will not link. It must be exactly the same.)

If your results are not available on MyQuest after 10 business days, please contact MyQuest support at​ for assistance.

Can I order a test on behalf of my minor child?


It depends. You can order most DLO Direct tests or panels on behalf of your child if you are the child’s parent. You must accompany your child to the lab and be present when the specimen is drawn. Unfortunately, Blueprint for Wellness testing is not available for anyone under 18 years of age.

How do I get my minor child’s results?


In order to obtain test results for a minor, a parent or guardian must request caregiver access to register as a “personal representative” with MyQuest. If you want to be able to receive your dependent's lab results through your MyQuest account, you will be required to upload legal documentation that verifies your status as a personal representative. For more information on this process, visit the Quest Diagnostics Caregivers and Dependents page.